With Alberta, Trudeau is All Take and No Give

December 14, 2018

With Alberta, Trudeau is All Take and No Give

There is a crisis in Alberta and it shows in the feelings of frustration, disappointment, division, and anger. It seems everyone but Justin Trudeau can see this pain and can understand its cause. These divisions and frustrations reflect a larger problem that Trudeau repeatedly shrugs off. We don’t need to look any further than Alberta to recognize that his failures have repercussions. Inaction does have consequences. The Liberal Government acts oblivious to the pain and discontent of Albertans. Trudeau’s obliviousness looks a lot like intentional neglect. And neglect is taking its toll on Alberta.

The suffering in Alberta’s oil patch is affecting our workers and our economy. This crisis has become so severe that the Alberta Government made the unprecedented decision to cap Alberta’s oil production. This is a desperate attempt to fix the price differential and Trudeau should have heeded this action as a red flag. Like every other signal sent from Albertans, Trudeau refuses to adjust his plans and act responsibly.

Trudeau acts like everything in Alberta is just fine. Rather than take action to ease the plight of Albertan families, Trudeau doubles down on equalization payments not fit for a period of crisis. Once again, the disproportionate and contentious interprovincial payments leave Alberta on the outs. How can Trudeau respectfully and sympathetically look Albertans in the eye and demand they pay equalization? As a dynamic and powerful economic driver, Alberta has long supported the Canadian economy. But after supporting other Canadians in their hours of need, why does the Liberal Government refuse to change the equalization formula in Alberta’s critical moment?

Failure in Alberta cannot be an option. Failure is the result of apathy. Failure leads to feelings of alienation and despair. I look around Alberta as people walk out – businesses, corporations, investors, families, and friends. I watch Albertans in pain, caught in this cycle of hardship that is not being brought to an end. I hear Albertans asking why and I see them look for an out from Trudeau’s indifference.

Canadians and Canada’s Conservatives watched in horror as Trudeau threw away promising pipeline proposal after promising pipeline proposal. Northern Gateway and Energy East each had the potential to provide relief to Albertans. Trudeau cast them aside. Liberals ignored Conservatives when we demanded Trans Mountain Pipeline be built – they did the opposite. Trudeau should have heard the pleas of suffering Albertans when they asked for a life-line. But, if no other signal was enough, the 8.7% oil production cut should have been enough to remind Trudeau that he has a responsibility to Albertans too. Instead, Trudeau kept Alberta’s designation as a “have province” – as if his intention is to leave Alberta with nothing. If Trudeau isn’t careful, the only thing Alberta will have left to contribute to equalization is pain, resentment, and anger. Still, Trudeau ignores the growing crisis and refuses to provide an answer for when he will do something to bring the pain to an end. Do you feel like the Trudeau Government is alienating Albertans? Let your voice be heard here.