Bring Back Made in Canada

April 29, 2022

Canada was once a manufacturing and industrial power, renowned for its production of steel, automobiles, consumer products, and ship building. These industries were fueled by hard-working Canadians, along with vast oil & gas, timber, and mineral reserves. This golden age was characterized by opportunity and booming economic growth.

Sadly, we allowed our industrial and manufacturing sectors to wither and die along with the growth and jobs they provided.

The past few years have reminded Canadians, and the world, how fragile supply chains can be. During the pandemic, global supply chain issues abounded in both the consumer and industrial markets, causing massive shortages and disruptions. Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine is once again driving-up gas prices and creating a fertilizer shortage crisis for Canadian farmers, threatening our domestic food security.

In an age of global uncertainty, Canadian and international buyers are looking for resources and goods from stable, peaceful countries. In Canada we are uniquely qualified to rise to this challenge with our abundant natural resources, geopolitical stability, and high labour and environmental standards.

The time for Canada to regrow its industrial base is now.

In a world that is becoming increasingly hesitant to buy Saudi and Russian oil & gas, Canada can emerge as the ethical alternative, allowing the world to distance itself from energy that props up despotic regimes. In an increasingly environmentally concerned world, Canadian oil & gas extracted according to the strictest environmental standards can be the greener alternative to other producers who act with complete disregard for the environment. Domestic fertilizer production would ensure that Canada’s food security could never again be threatened by geopolitical conditions beyond our control. While outsourced manufacturing has led to more and more of our products being produced using poor working conditions with poorly-paid labour, ‘Made in Canada’ products could be bought knowing that working conditions and wages meet an internationally acceptable standard. Above all, bringing more industry and manufacturing back to Canada would create countless jobs, and help our economy recover from the pandemic.

Conservatives will continue to fight for a renewed focus on growing and supporting Canadian industry and production, ensuring that we put Canadian businesses and Canadian workers first.

Canada has shown that it can punch above its weight class before. Let’s do it again, and give the world more Made in Canada.