Canada is Falling Behind. Quickly.

October 15, 2020

Canada is losing ground when it comes to rapid testing for the coronavirus.

Our G7 allies are moving quickly to ensure their citizens have access to rapid testing. Italy has tests that give results in 30 minutes, and France is performing more than a million tests a week.

At a time when every country in the world is occupied with getting their hands on testing equipment, our government is dragging their feet. This has and will continue to impact Canadians’ lives.

Canadian families are separated across the border, and businesses are struggling, simply because the government has not gotten enough rapid tests. Canadians are waiting in line for hours to get tested, and days for their results to come back.

That means that some Canadians are being forced to choose between a paycheque and getting tested. Our economy cannot afford a setback like that, and Canadians should not be going to work if they are sick. Justin Trudeau must explain why he has made no progress in getting at-home and rapid testing deployed in Canada.

We cannot recover as quickly as other countries if we do not have access to rapid tests. Other advanced countries have begun putting in place their criteria needed to re-open the border. A large part of their plans depends on quick and easy rapid testing. Meanwhile, our government has set no criteria for deciding when our border will reopen and is leaving our small businesses and tourism operators in lurch. Many of these businesses have been forced to close or layoff employees due to the government’s lack of action.

Canadians have done their part for months because they believed that their government was developing an actual plan. But once again, the Trudeau Liberals have let Canadians down. This is part of a larger pattern of federal inaction or slow-to-react pandemic policies that have cost us precious time.

Conservatives will continue to push for solutions so that Canadians can better cope with this virus. Unlike the Liberals, who use it as an excuse to do nothing, we will fight so that Canadians can get back on their feet. Greater access to rapid testing will get us one step closer to recovery.