Canada Needs Leadership – Not a Blatant Power Grab

March 23, 2020
I, like everyone else, want to ensure that we do all we can to help Canadians who are struggling as a result of COVID-19. However, we simply can not and MUST NOT accept handing a blank cheque to the government without any sort of Parliamentary approval.
This would be an attack on the very fundamentals of our democracy and can not be justified.
And shame on Justin Trudeau and his government for even trying such a thing. Canada needs leadership in a time of crisis not a blatant power grab.
While I support measures to help Canadians, I also have some further thoughts to share as to what is missing from or could be improved in the government’s response to this crisis:
  • The wage subsidy for small businesses needs to be expanded dramatically so people can remain employed and/or have a job to go back to when this is all over
  • There needs to be measures that will help small businesses with what, for many, is their largest expense – their lease payments
  • Help needs to be offered to all small businesses – as those who have had to self-isolate or are closed by government order are not the only ones affected
  • Loans and assistance to small businesses should be facilitated through existing channels like Community Futures (which have 267 locations across the country and already have existing relationships in those communities)
  • There needs to be assistance extended to those who aren’t laid off but have had their hours drastically reduced
  • Consideration needs to be given to relaxing mortgage financing/re-financing rules – otherwise we could see homes and other major items like cars, etc become nearly worthless when thousands of people can’t afford to meet the payments
  • Nothing in the package will help people who are struggling to make rent
  • Assistance should be provided to food banks which have dramatically higher demand while also having to undertake additional security and safety measures during these times
  • There needs to be specific measures to support the tourism industry, which will be the hardest hit through travel restrictions, etc
  • Details need to be provided immediately for the funding and plans for the government’s announced Orphaned Well cleanup
These are some initial thoughts – I welcome your feedback and suggestions.
We will all get through these challenging times by working together.
Stay safe.