Canada’s Energy Corridor

May 16, 2019

Without new pipelines or jobs, it feels like things have gone way off track. Fortunately, Conservatives have a plan to get the lives of Canadians back on track. It’s a plan that isn’t ashamed of Canadian energy, and is proud to work towards energy independence. In his second keynote to Canadians, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer outlined the Conservative vision for the economy in his speech Limited Government, Unlimited Potential.

In 2015, Conservatives left behind a prosperous economy that promised Canadians an exciting and healthy future. The books were balanced, people had jobs and could afford the food on their table, the economy was growing, and there were pipelines ready to go in the ground. But since then, things have changed. Today, two-thirds of Canadians cannot pay their bills and half of Canadians have become overwhelmed by debt. Canadians cannot afford life’s necessities; yet, taxes continue to go up and up and up. No matter what they do, under this Liberal Government, Canadians just can’t get ahead. But there is hope. Canada’s Conservatives believe that “Canada must be a place where no ambition is too big, where no dream is out of reach, and where no government will stand in the way of people working hard to get ahead.”

While the budget remains unbalanced and the federal debt continues to grow, the Liberals act like every Canadian owns a golden goose. Meanwhile, the Liberals have done everything in their power to shut down our rich oil and gas industry – from introducing no new pipelines legislation to cancelling approved projects, our oil and gas has been held back. Conservatives understand and respect the importance of our oil and gas resources and have a six step plan that will allow them to get Canada’s economy back on track. Conservatives will cancel the carbon tax, repeal Bill C-69, end the ban on tanker traffic, establish clear timelines for regulatory approvals, eliminate foreign interference in approvals processes, and, when necessary, assert federal jurisdiction.

Most importantly, Conservatives will work with each province and with indigenous communities to create an energy corridor that will connect Canadians coast-to-coast. With an energy corridor, pipelines will be built, jobs will be created, investors will be able to trust in Canada, and families will be able to get ahead. And, while Trudeau’s economic legacy is that of dividing Canadians, Conservatives will leave behind a legacy of making Canada energy independent by 2030. With energy independence, Canada will no longer need to depend upon foreign oil imports when Alberta’s oil and gas is the best in the world. As Andrew Scheer said, “Liberals put their faith in government. Conservatives put their faith in people.” It’s time for Canada to be fueled, not funded by Canadians.

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