Canada’s Future is at Stake

May 13, 2021
I have heard from countless members of our community who are concerned about free speech, important energy projects that our country depends on, and frustration about prolonged lockdowns.
Attack on Free Speech
The Trudeau government recently introduced legislation which would give the government the power to decide what Canadians can and cannot say on social media. This frightening abuse of power means that the government could regulate the content we post on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, simply because what is being said might not agree with the government.
Conservatives have been crystal clear – this is a dangerous piece of legislation that is an attack on free speech.
Canada’s Conservatives will continue to oppose this bill, and a Conservative government would immediately scrap it.
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Protecting our Energy Sector
Enbridge Line 5 is an important infrastructure project that transports oil and gas from Western Canada through the United States to Ontario. The project is responsible for tens of thousands of jobs on both sides of the border and is an important link to meet Canadian energy needs.
Recently, the governor of Michigan ordered the pipeline to shutdown. This would cause immediate gas shortages, and the price of fuel and home heating would skyrocket.
It also means there will be an increase in truck and rail transportation of oil to make sure Canada’s energy needs are met. These methods have proven to be much more dangerous than pipelines and pose a higher threat to our safety and the environment. Those who want Line 5 closed will actually be increasing environmental and safety risks.
The Trudeau government has given-in to extremists that want to see our energy sector fail at all costs. Rather than considering the environmental and safety risks of shutting down this pipeline, the Prime Minister has made a political decision that abandons our energy sector and will impact tens of thousands of Canadian jobs.
Conservatives have gone above and beyond in our effort to save this project. We have met with key politicians and leaders in the United States to make Canada’s case for why this pipeline must stay open. We are the ones who are representing hard working families dependent on a thriving energy sector, while the Trudeau government represents radical ideologues.
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Getting our Lives Back to Normal
While the Prime Minister is occupied with coming up with catchphrases and slogans in an attempt to justify his failure in this pandemic, Conservatives are holding the government accountable.
As other countries like the UK and US are returning to normal, Justin Trudeau is trying to justify his failure to procure vaccines with his promise of a ‘one vaccine Summer.’
The NHL playoffs are beginning soon, and American teams plan to have fans in their arenas. But in Canada, our arenas will be empty, and fans will be watching at home.
This is unfair to Canadians that have sacrificed so much for more than a year.
We will continue to press the government for clear criteria for reopening, and for answers to legitimate questions about vaccine thresholds, and when they will be met.
This is not a call for a reckless and sudden reopening, and we are not calling for unrealistic predictions.
We are calling on the government to answer questions that Canadians deserve answers to.
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