Canada’s Recovery Plan

March 20, 2021
Erin O’Toole laid out our vision for Canada’s recovery, and how a Conservative government would secure our future.
This five-point plan explains how a Conservative government would lead our country out of the pandemic, and how we would make sure Canada emerges stronger than before.
Our plan focuses on five key tenets: securing jobs, securing accountability, securing mental health, securing our country, and securing Canada’s economy.
Securing jobs: Every Canadian deserves the security of a well-paying job. Our plan will recover the 1 million jobs lost by the pandemic. We will also ensure that the damage caused by the pandemic will be reversed by protecting small businesses, and incentivizing Canadians to create and grow their small and medium-sized business.
Securing accountability: Canadians expect politicians to act ethically. Unfortunately, we have seen far too many scandals and breaches of Canadians’ trust in the past five years. A Conservative government would enact the toughest accountability laws in our nation’s history.
Securing mental health: The pandemic and related lockdowns have driven many Canadians to isolation, which has caused an increase in anxiety, depression, and addictions. A Conservative government would introduce a mental health action plan and ensure provinces have the tools they need to tackle Canada’s growing mental health crisis.
Securing our country: The pandemic has taught us how important it is to make sure made-in-Canada PPE and vaccines are available for Canadians. Conservatives would ensure the tools and equipment we need to fight COVID-19, and other health challenges that we may face are manufactured in Canada.
Securing Canada’s economy: Conservatives are the party of balanced budgets and fiscal accountability. We would ensure that measures are taken to make sure Canadians are supported through the pandemic, and a propose plan to responsibly balance our budget in the next decade.
Sometimes, I am asked what it is that a Conservative government would do differently. This plan once again demonstrates our serious commitment to providing solutions and getting our country back on track.
Our five-point plan is the foundation of how a Conservative government would revitalize our economy, and secure the future for all Canadians.