Canadians Cannot Afford a Carbon Tax Increase

April 1, 2022

Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax is scheduled to increase on April 1st. At a time where Canadians are struggling to pay their bills, to buy groceries, to put gas in the car, the Liberal government is charging forward to make life even more unaffordable for you. This, like the carbon tax itself, is unacceptable.

I have been hearing from many of you for weeks about the increasing cost-of-living and how difficult it is on you and your families. Now as we’re seeing gas prices over $2/litre across the country, it is unfathomable that a government would be even considering a tax increase.

What the government doesn’t seem to understand is that the carbon tax is hurting individual Canadians. The people I’m hearing from who are struggling under the cost of the carbon tax are not big companies with high emission rates. I’m hearing from parents, retirees, average Canadians who are simply trying to heat their homes.

I know the Prime Minister doesn’t like to spend a lot of time in Alberta, but anyone who has spent any time here in the winter knows that heating your house isn’t optional.
Across the country we’re hearing from Premiers, and Mayors, all saying something needs to be done, and fast, to make things more affordable for Canadians. Some, like our Premier, are even taking action to reduce gas taxes. Yet Justin Trudeau remains committed to not just the carbon tax, but also to increasing it even further.

Many Canadians have not seen a salary increase to match the increase in the cost-of-living. The Liberals say it’s a global problem, or it’s a result of COVID, or it’s a result of sanctions against Russia. The bottom line is, Canadians cannot afford the goods and services they need to live their lives and the government has a responsibility to do what they can to fix that.

I never have, and never will support Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax. I will continue to fight against the planned increase on April 1st, as will my Conservative colleagues.