Canadians Deserve Hope and Clarity

March 24, 2021
Canadians need hope. Hope that life will return to normal. Hope that businesses can function at full capacity. Hope that borders will reopen so that families can reunite, and our tourism sector can flourish.
We know that this pandemic has greatly impacted the mental health of Canadians. Over the last year, we have seen a dramatic rise in mental health issues, addictions, and overdoses. This cannot continue.
While other countries, like the United Kingdom and the United States, have developed data-driven post COVID-19 plans, Canadians are left without a plan for the future.
We have also seen clear and science-driven reopening plans from these countries. There is no reason why Canada cannot have similar plans given our projected vaccine rollout.
After more than a year, despite the availability of public health tools such as rapid tests, shared data on how COVID-19 spreads, and vaccines, we are still waiting for information on what metrics will be used to determine a plan for reopening. It is unacceptable to continue to ask Canadians to sacrifice more without providing clarity on how and when we can expect to see restrictions to be safely eased.
As Canadians slowly get vaccinated, we need a plan to end lockdowns and reopen our borders.
This is not a call for a reckless and sudden reopening, and we are not calling for unrealistic predictions.
We are calling on the government to answer questions that Canadians deserve answers to.
How many Canadians need to be vaccinated before our borders can reopen?
How many Canadians need to be vaccinated before gathering restrictions can be loosened?
When will these vaccine rates be met?
If vaccination rates are not indicators of progress towards reopening, what are?
Small business owners, separated families, and those dealing with mental health challenges cannot and should not continue to be left in the dark about what criteria needs to be met in order for lockdowns to end. Canadians have respected health guidelines, and its time for the government to show them that same respect with a plan to get life back to normal.
Canada’s Conservatives will continue to fight for the hope and clarity that so many families and businesses need.