Carbon Tax: Another Attack on Small Business

February 14, 2019

Carbon Tax: Another Attack on Small Business

With the Liberal Government’s carbon tax, the verdict is clear: small businesses are left paying the lion’s share. A recent report found that the Liberal Government’s ill-designed plan leaves small businesses footing 50% of the bill for the carbon tax, while get as little as 7% in return (in the form of rebates and grants). While the largest emitters are let off the hook by the Liberal Government, small businesses and Canadian families are forced to dread the days ahead. The fallout from the carbon tax is just the latest chapter in the Liberal Government’s war on small business. I guess it’s no surprise that when it comes to small, local, and independent businesses – the Liberal Government won’t be happy until there’s a “CLOSED” sign on every block.

Small businesses are essential to our economy and communities; yet, the Liberal Government continues to pursue measure after measure that would destroy the future of Canadian small business. 87% of small business owners oppose the carbon tax, and they are urging the Liberal Government to not proceed with it. The Liberal Government fails to recognize or respect the amount of work that goes into operating a business and how tight finances are.

The carbon tax immensely impacts small businesses, and small business owners overwhelmingly agree that they have concerns for the future. The Liberal Government tries to pretend that their carbon tax can be offset by making the consumer pay more. However, everyone but the Liberal Government knows that you can’t squeeze blood from a stone – life under Justin Trudeau has already gotten unaffordable for far too many Canadian households. To make matters worse, small business owners know that a carbon tax will lead to other costs, which means cuts and reductions.

Not only do they provide dependable and incredible products and services, but small businesses also act as leaders in our community. In fact, contrary to the Liberal Government’s belief, small businesses have already diligently taken steps to reduce their emissions. The worst part is, this pain won’t even help the environment, but it will do the opposite – all in the name of another Liberal tax. A carbon tax, according to 70% of surveyed small businesses, is an ineffective way to address climate change. A carbon tax reduces the competitiveness of our small businesses while preventing them from making real investments in lowering emissions.

It’s become a trend with the Liberal Government to take away the tools small businesses need to succeed, and then tax them to death. So, when the Liberal Government claims that the carbon tax is just the new cost of business – now we know, they mean “out of business.”