Conservative Plan for Canada on the World Stage

May 10, 2019

Canadians are worried about the direction Canada is headed, and they’re looking for options. Ready to serve Canadians with solutions, Conservatives are unveiling the Conservative vision for Canada as part of a five part series of keynote speeches on issues important to Canadians. In his first keynote address, Foreign Policy and Defence: A Stronger Canada in a Turbulent World, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer outlined what a Conservative foreign policy will look like.

On the world stage, Canada must lead with strength and confidence. Before people around the world associated Canada with Justin Trudeau’s photo-ops and tendency to cause diplomatic crises, people connected Canada to our proud history as a defender and advocate for freedom, democracy, and human rights. In honour of our history, Conservatives will renew our commitment to our international alliances – those partnerships that, with Canadian membership, saw the world through fascism and communism.

In a rapidly changing world, Conservatives are ready to meet the global challenges of today. With China and Russia attempting to expand their spheres of influence, an Andrew Scheer led Conservative Government will “reset” relations with China, secure the borders of those impacted by Russian expansionism, re-affirm that Canada is an arctic power, and defend our allies in Israel while recognizing Jerusalem as its capital city.

While Trudeau spent his trip to India, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership and NAFTA negotiations promoting his own interests and social media accounts over Canadian trade objectives, Conservatives will pursue trade relationships that benefit Canadians. And though China represents a source of potential trade growth, Conservatives – with a record of successfully negotiating over fifty trade deals – know that there are options. After all, in the words of Andrew Scheer, “so long as China is willing to hold our exports hostage, all while committing human rights violations […] we have no choice as Canadians but to consider other trade partners. And fortunately, we have alternatives.” Canada must remain a beacon of principle for those like-minded nations with whom we can fully cooperate.

In Trudeau’s world, everyone stays on script. But in the real world, there is no script. Instead of adapting to the challenges of the day, and putting aside his personal agenda, Trudeau has compromised Canada’s reputation. Other countries are taking advantage of this Liberal Government’s weak leadership, mistakes, and scandals. In the words of Andrew Scheer, “for [Trudeau], all the world’s a stage, and the rest of us merely players in his act.” Fortunately, it’s the curtain call on Trudeau’s foreign policy. He’ll get no standing ovation.

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