The Conservative Plan for Tax-Free Home Heating

March 7, 2019

The Conservative Plan for Tax-Free Home Heating

The Liberal Government claims that they are helping Canadians to get ahead, but their actions say differently. A Government that helps Canadians to succeed, to make life more affordable, is not a Government that recklessly raises taxes and spends like there is no tomorrow. Canadians agree that life has become less affordable under the Liberal Government and are rightfully concerned that our economy is slowing. This is why Conservatives are proud to put forward a plan that allows Canadians to get ahead. Our vision takes the step of removing the GST on home heating and energy bills.

While the Liberal Government is implementing a punishing carbon tax that makes heating our homes harder, Conservatives are announcing measures to make life easier – saving not taking Canadians’ money. Conservatives have announced a tax-free home heating plan. This plan will save the average Canadian household $107 per year. In Alberta, this means that an average household will save $118 in 2019 and $122 by 2022.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Canadian winters are cold. We just experienced the longest cold stretch in Alberta in decades. Coming back to a heated home after a day of work is important. In the words of Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, “heating your home in winter isn’t a luxury for Canadians. It is a necessity […] we don’t tax other basic necessities like groceries.” It’s difficult living on a tight budget, but Canadians do it every day. Canadians are struggling to pay to keep their homes heated but keeping our families warm shouldn’t be giving us sleepless nights.

Canadians want a government that puts them first. The Liberals’ carbon tax is adding to the stress of paying our bills and now Canadians fear for the future. Under the leadership of Andrew Scheer, Conservatives will cancel the carbon tax and help keep money in the pockets of Canadians. Home energy use will be exempt whether electrical, natural gas, heating oil, propane, or wood pellets. To make life more affordable, we need to start addressing the everyday costs affecting you.

While the Liberal Government continues to tax Canadians and offer special treatment to their friends, Conservatives are developing meaningful and creative solutions to the challenges we face. Do you agree that it’s time to stop taxing the heat in our homes? Have your say here.