Conservatives Provide Common Sense Solutions

June 23, 2020

The House of Commons has been closed down for the Summer. Aside from a few emergency committee sittings where MPs will debate coronavirus legislation, Parliament will not return until late September. While disappointed that Parliament did not sit more often, Canada’s Conservatives used our strengthened opposition to get results for Canadians. This Summer, we will continue to build on this momentum. We will continue to provide thoughtful and proactive solutions to the government. We will make sure that their emergency response measures are not leaving anyone behind.

Despite Parliament only sitting around 40 times since the last election, Conservatives were able to get a lot done. We created the Special Committee on Canada-China Relations despite pushback from the Liberals. This Committee will study our relationship with China, and their role in the world. Serious questions need to be raised about China’s handling of the coronavirus. On top of that, two innocent Canadians have been arbitrarily detained in a Chinese prison for political reasons. Canada can not continue to back down to Communist China.

As the coronavirus pandemic unfolded in Canada, Conservatives delivered results. First, the Trudeau government tried to use a rare moment of unity to their advantage. When they tried to change the way our Parliament works so they could avoid accountability, Conservatives called them out and we maintained the integrity of our democracy.

We then called for stricter border measures as even after the borders were closed to all non-Canadians, illegal border crossers were still being permitted to enter the country. We called on the government to quickly put an end to these illegal crossings, particularly at Roxham Road, and they finally responded.

We were also able to help improve the government’s emergency response measures. We noticed some flaws in these programs, like the wage subsidy. We called for an increase to the initial 10% subsidy for businesses, and the government accepted those changes. Next, we provided solutions for how the CERB could be made more flexible, so no one is penalized for going back to work. After that, we advocated for changes to the emergency business loan. Too many small businesses and tourism operators were being left out, simply because they did not meet the arbitrary payroll threshold. We raised these common sense solutions with the government, and they were forced to act once again.

On top of all this, we made sure the government was held accountable. Conservatives said from the very beginning of the pandemic that we were committed to helping those who need it. We were working to make sure nobody fell through the cracks. But we also needed to keep a close eye on government spending and demanded that taxpayers’ dollars are respected. Unfortunately, the Auditor General’s Office – the place responsible for tracking government spending – said that they did not have the funds to do their job properly. We immediately called for proper funding for the Auditor General’s Office to provide oversight for the government’s spending. We also demanded an economic update to find out how grim the numbers are. The government eventually promised an economic ‘snapshot’ in early July.

Canadians are anxious to get back to work. The pandemic has begun to subside in Alberta and across the country. As businesses begin to re-open, common-sense approaches must be taken to navigate these rocky economic waters. Conservatives will be there to provide them.

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