Conservatives Standing Up for Free Speech on the Internet

April 28, 2021

Recently, the Liberal government introduced Bill C-10 – a bill that would regulate social media websites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

That means that a government-run organization – the CRTC – would have the final say on what Canadians can and cannot post on the internet.

Canada’s Conservatives have been clear: C-10 is a bad piece of legislation that gives too much power to the CRTC to regulate the internet, and provides no clear guidelines for how that power will be used.

We support the original intent of the bill, which would create a level playing field between large foreign streaming services and Canadian broadcasters.

We worked hard to make changes to the bill to ensure ordinary Canadians were not targeted by having their speech on the internet regulated.

Our proposal would protect individual users and smaller players in the market by exempting streaming services and social media users with lower revenues. The Liberals rejected this common-sense compromise.

There could be no clearer proof the Liberals are targeting ordinary Canadians. This is unacceptable in a society that values its freedom. They have had countless opportunities to prove to Canadians that they do not want to regulate their speech online.

But they have failed to do so.

The internet is a public space – much like a park or Tim Horton’s – where ideas can be discussed and debated without the interference of government deciding what you can and cannot say.

Even the Prime Minister knows this. In May of 2019, he said “we recognize the solution doesn’t lie in government’s heavy hand over our internet, over our public spaces.”

So what changed?

This issue is fundamental to our freedoms, and Conservatives will not allow the government to arbitrarily police the content that citizens post on social media.

We will continue to stand up for freedom of speech by offering solutions to the government to make sure Canadian broadcasters have a level playing field with foreign competitors, without restricting and monitoring what Canadians say and do on the internet.

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