Conservatives Supporting Canada’s Small Business Owners and Workers

March 16, 2021
More than a year ago, small businesses in our community took a devastating blow. Due to the pandemic response, business owners and entrepreneurs have had to layoff employees, shift operations, and reduce capacity numbers. These businesses are the backbone of our community – they create jobs, contribute to a thriving economy, and support local initiatives, sports teams, and charities.
Conservatives have been standing up for small businesses since the start of the pandemic. We were able to secure improved support for them by increasing the wage subsidy and expanding criteria for the business loan. Recently, we were able to pass a motion in the House of Commons that called on the government to include measures to help workers and families in highly affected sectors like tourism, hospitality, and charities. On top of that, the motion called on the government to increase lending supports for small and medium sized businesses to prevent a wave of bankruptcies and layoffs.
Canada’s Conservatives have fought to ensure small businesses can survive, but the government cannot expect business owners and their families to keep making sacrifices.
I am sometimes asked what it is that Conservatives would do differently. While it is our job as the opposition to point out flaws and hold the government accountable for their actions, we have been hard at work laying out our plan to get Canada’s economy back on track.
Canada’s Conservatives would provide Canadians a clear, data-driven plan to get out of lockdown. It is wrong for the Trudeau government to expect Canadians to continue to make sacrifices without any idea of when we can return to normal.
How many vaccines need to be administered before restrictions can be loosened? What restrictions will remain in place when the population is vaccinated? What is the government’s plan to ensure vaccines are not delayed in arriving to Canada?
These are the questions we will continue to demand answers to.