Defend Local Jobs

July 6, 2018

Canadian workers have been facing a direct threat to their livelihood for months. And despite having over a year to prepare for this situation, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government have made it obvious that they don’t have a plan.

Recently, the United States decided to impose tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum imports. And now, they have threatened to impose tariffs on auto imports as well. TD Bank is warning that 160,000 jobs in the auto sector are at risk – this means that 20% of all manufacturing jobs in Canada could be lost.

These tariffs have created uncertainty in our steel, aluminum and auto industries, and they have left many Canadian workers worried about what will become of their jobs.

Beyond those who work directly in those sectors, a lot of local businesses have also expressed concerns for their operations. For example, the new tariffs on aluminum products include beer cans that the craft breweries in our communities use. This means substantially higher operating costs for the brewery.

Craft breweries have become staples in our communities, creating jobs and opportunities. They are a source of pride for many towns and it would be a shame if they were forced out of business because of the trade conflict with the U.S.

Craft breweries are not the only businesses affected. I have heard from everything from a furniture store to a manufacturer that relies on specialized steel to a distribution centre to a pest control company. We need to come together to find a proper response.

That means listening to everyone to get the best ideas. Workers, businesses and local labour groups can all provide valuable advice and suggestions on how to best respond to this threat and protect our communities that are vulnerable.

Canadians need to come together to find a solution.

We will always stand behind our Canadian industries – and most importantly, the workers employed in these sectors – as we respond to these devastating tariffs.

And we will continue to hold the government to account when they fail to take action to defend local jobs.

Let me know if the new tariffs will have an impact on your job or business.