Demanding Answers on the Border Crisis

July 18, 2018

Canada’s Conservatives took action on the illegal border crossing issue, forcing the Citizenship and Immigration committee to hold emergency sessions during the summer to review the Liberal government’s response to the increased number of asylum seekers crossing into Canada.

As reported earlier this year, the government’s lack of a plan has led to summer students being assigned to airports to work as agents. Some cities have seen their shelters flooded with asylum seekers and fill up at a rapid pace. In some cases, neighbouring cities have been forced to turn down assistance because their shelters are at capacity as well. All of this is a result of no plan from the Liberal government. This is a failure of leadership from the very top.

The Prime Minister’s only attempt to fix the crisis is to throw money at the problem. That does nothing to alleviate the crunch felt by provinces and cities. By calling an emergency meeting, our Conservative team is holding the government accountable and demanding that they provide a fully costed plan to Canadians. Canadians deserve to know this information, but the Prime Minister and Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen have not provided details.

In an opinion piece in the Toronto Star, the Immigration Minister claimed that our border control system was working. But one day later, the Prime Minister appointed a new minister responsible for border security. If the system is working as intended, why appoint a second minister to take over the file?

Realistically, this is a smokescreen, as the Liberals know Canadians are demanding answers for the border fiasco. The only reason the Trudeau Liberals made this move is because we are inching closer to an election and they know that Canadians do not trust them to protect the integrity of our immigration system. The new Minister, Bill Blair, was immediately invited by Conservatives to attend committee and hopefully he can provide his government’s plan to Canadians.

Furthermore, the Canadian Border Services Agency announced that it would be aiming to release more refugee claimants into country while their immigration status is being resolved. Our immigration system needs to be compassionate and treat the most vulnerable with dignity and respect. However, this announcement from CBSA comes without any details about how the government plans to keep those who are deemed to be a threat off our streets. Again, our Conservative opposition will continue to hold the Liberals to account to ensure that Canadians are not put at risk.

Canada should be able to provide a safe refuge for the world’s most vulnerable, such as the Yazidi women and girls who are escaping from the horrors of ISIS. Instead, we have seen an influx of 30,000 people who have entered between official points, with no plan from the Ottawa Liberals on how to settle them or how much all of this will cost. Canada’s Conservatives will continue to call on the Liberal government to create a plan that protects the integrity of our immigration system and we are calling on the Prime Minister to act now.

Stand with me and call on the government to create a plan to deal with this serious issue: