Equpping Our Canadian Heroes

September 5, 2019

Equipping Our Canadian Heroes

Members of Canada’s Armed Forces deserve our utmost respect. Day in and day out, these Canadian heroes dedicate their lives and livelihoods to our safety, security, and values. At home and abroad, the brave men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces pursue and defend peace and democracy. We owe these heroes a great debt of gratitude and the least that we can do is ensure that they have access to the resources and equipment that they require.

The members of the Canadian Armed Forces should be able to count on their government to equip them and ensure they have access to the resources they need to fulfill their duties. Unfortunately, the Canadian Armed Forces are not receiving the resources or equipment that they need. For four years the Liberal Government refused to address the needs or concerns of our Armed Forces. When it comes to equipping and supporting the Armed Forces, Justin Trudeau has delayed and mismanaged vital contracts and discredited the reputations and careers of distinguished men and women in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Whether it was procuring fighter jets or ships for our navy, the Liberal Government has failed to get the job done despite all of the groundwork having been completed by the previous Conservative Government. Recently the Liberals have started pretending that equipping our armed forces is a priority for their government. Our Armed Forces deserve better than this Liberal Government’s last-minute re-election ploy. Our Armed Forces deserve the tools they need each and every day, and not just when Justin Trudeau’s job is on the line.

Justin Trudeau’s election spending is putting taxpayers on the hook for his previous inaction while our Armed Forces are left without the essential resources they need. Under Justin Trudeau’s plan, our Armed Forces will be waiting at least another six years to see the equipment they require. Justin Trudeau is campaigning at our Canadian heroes’ expense, and there is still no guarantee that he will get the job done. Other countries have been able to procure these resources in two years, but after four years, Justin Trudeau is eyeing year ten.

The legacy of our Armed Forces is one of honour, courage, and sacrifice. It’s deeply upsetting and unacceptable that Justin Trudeau’s meddling and delays have caused chaos and now he’s turning the safety and success of the Canadian Armed Forces into his re-election campaign. Once again, the only job Justin Trudeau wants to protect is his own. While the Liberals are planning to fail to procure these vital resources for another six years, Conservatives will ensure that our heroes are equipped with the resources they require.