Most Expensive Cover-Up in Canadian History

March 19, 2019

Most Expensive Cover-Up in Canadian History

Rumour had it that if Justin Trudeau and Bill Morneau saw their shadows, the Liberal Government would produce a balanced budget that was good for Canadians. Unfortunately, the Liberal Government is so attracted to secrecy, deception, and corruption that there wasn’t a hope they’d deliver good news to Canadians. The 2019 Budget makes it official; this is the most expensive cover-up in Canadian history. Despite promising to balance the budget by 2019, Trudeau is instead running a deficit of $19.8 billion in hopes that Canadians will forget about SNC Lavalin. Trudeau wanted to use the 2019 Budget to distract Canadians from his corruption, but Canadians know that they’re the ones who will be footing the bill through future taxes. You’d think that after four budgets, the Liberals might get one of them right. But in the next fiscal year, the Liberal Government’s reckless debt will climb above an unprecedented $700 billion.  Never in Canadian history has a Government shown such disdain for hard working Canadians money… all to cover-up Trudeau’s dishonesty.

What a disaster. 1 in 3 Canadians feel that their standard of living has gotten worse. It’s not surprising since the cost of living has skyrocketed. People are within $200 of not being able to cover their bills, and one missed paycheck could bring a hard working family financial hardship. The actions of the Trudeau Government have directly contributed to the hardship and uncertainty that Canadians are facing. From the carbon tax to killing pipelines, the Liberal Government just won’t let Canadians get ahead. Canada’s economy has stagnated and no new pipelines are on the horizon.

Rather than provide relief for overburdened Canadians, the Liberal Government has doubled down and spent another $41 billion of your money. While the Liberals are pretending that the money they are spending on home buyers, seniors, and increased access to the internet will distract Canadians from Trudeau’s corruption – no one is fooled. Life is not more affordable. The budget is not balanced and the debt is getting deeper. And while Trudeau seems to think that digging a deeper and deeper hole will solve all his problems, he should have the decency to dig that hole in a yard Canadians don’t have to pay for.

Bill Morneau claims that “Canada is […] a country where we take care of each other in our times of need”, but this Budget makes it obvious that the only Canadian the Liberals are trying to help is Justin Trudeau. This Budget does nothing to address the uncertainty in the days ahead and it does nothing for Albertans who have been severely mistreated by this Government. The hardship and suffering that Albertans are experiencing is a direct result of the Liberal Government’s disregard for our energy industry. To add insult to injury, the Liberals only mentioned oil and gas once in the 2019 Budget. Unless they snuck a pipeline into the fine print, it’s clear that this Government isn’t actually working to help Albertans succeed or recover.

Canadians are struggling to make ends meet and they know that throwing billions of dollars around won’t make life more affordable. Budget 2019 will be the last budget tabled by this Government – Canadians cannot take anymore. Justin Trudeau has used this budget to try and cover-up the truth, distract Canadians, and protect his job. His cover-up will not succeed. Budget 2019 is just the latest reminder that Trudeau’s promises cannot be taken seriously and that Canadians cannot trust him to tell the truth. Budget 2019 pretends everything is looking up, but Canadians know the truth. And even if Trudeau doesn’t, Canadians know this cover-up won’t succeed.