Fighting for Alberta

November 21, 2019

Fighting for Alberta

It’s been a month since our province summarily rejected Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Government and their record of failure and indifference toward the suffering of Albertans.

No federal government should ignore the plight of any region, yet they have ignored the thousands of Albertans out of jobs. Worse, instead of trying to give Albertans the tools for continued success, the Trudeau Liberals have thrown tax after tax at us and introduced devastating anti-energy policies like Bill C-48 and Bill C-69.  And now, they are back in power, albeit in a reduced minority capacity.

But Albertans are resilient. Despite the Trudeau Liberals’ actions, I know that our future will be bright. And while it’s getting harder to look beyond the pain and frustration, I know that we can not only get back on our feet but also fight for a future that treats Albertans fairly.

All Albertans are asking for is fairness and compassion. And it’s not too much to expect. Justin Trudeau has sworn in his new Cabinet and Parliament is set to resume on December 5th, but for those of us in Alberta, there is little to take comfort in. A continued air of tone deafness to the west remains and speaks volumes. Trudeau has appointed both an outspoken anti-pipeline activist to Cabinet and a Natural Resources Minister with no experience in the sector and, while Ontario and Quebec are overwhelmingly represented in Cabinet, the Prairies have only been assigned a single “special representative”.

But this only has strengthened my resolve to fight for the interests of our riding and our province.  Over the coming weeks and months, I will be working together with my fellow Alberta Conservative MPs to ensure that Albertans’ interests are defended, heard and represented in this Parliament. Together we will ensure that our voice is heard loud and clear and that all Canadians understand the importance of a strong Alberta. Canada is only as strong as the strength of Alberta – and I’ll do everything in my power to ensure that every Canadian is aware of this.

As I take the message of Albertans across Canada, I hope you’ll also use your voice to share your concerns and frustrations. With our real influence, resources, and vision – our Conservative team will be looking for you to help sign petitions, share our progress, be active on social media and with your networks, and get involved. Every time you share your story online or speak up, we’re demonstrating that Alberta cannot be silenced. Our voices are most powerful together, and Alberta will never be silenced.

Every step of the way, I’ll be fighting for a brighter future and a fairer Canada for Alberta. Please help me to share these messages, so that we can keep our community up to date on what our team is doing and ways for you to get involved.