Fighting for Canadians

January 28, 2021

Two of the biggest issues I have heard from constituents in the last couple weeks are concerns over the cancellation of Keystone XL, and the delay in vaccines arriving in Canada.

Lots of Canadians are concerned about these two issues for good reason – the Liberal government is doing nothing to save the Keystone XL pipeline, and vaccine shortages are delaying our return to normal life.
Canada’s Conservatives share these concerns, which is why we pushed for emergency debates in the House of Commons on both these issues. They were both approved, but we still did not receive clear answers from the government on what they are doing to put Canadians’ minds at ease.
Standing up for Alberta’s Oil and Gas Workers
In November, when it had appeared that President Biden had been elected, I pushed for the government to do everything it could to save Keystone XL. Cancelling this project was part of Biden’s campaign platform, and there were no signs of him backing down.
Unfortunately, the Liberal government essentially threw in the towel, and Keystone was cancelled. I pressed the government on why they did so little to save Keystone, which you can see here.
We need to get as many people back to work, in every part of Canada, in every sector, as quickly as possible. Securing jobs in the resource sector is an essential part of getting Canadians back to work and Canada’s economic recovery. The loss of this important project only makes that harder.
If you agree we need the government to do all it can to save Keystone XL, I encourage you to sign and share the following petition:
Securing Vaccines to Re-Open our Economy 
Another issue causing a great deal of anxiety among Canadians is the delay in vaccine procurement. Serious shortages mean Canada is receiving way fewer vaccines than we expect each week, while other countries continue to vaccinate their citizens at more rapid rates.
The longer we wait for vaccines, the longer it will take for our lives to return to normal. Canadians are increasingly tired of the effects of the pandemic and deserve a government that has a plan to procure vaccines and help our economy recover so we can return to normal life.
I asked the government about their delays and how they can explain this to Canadians who just want their lives back on track. You can see that here. 
Demand the Trudeau Government do something about the vaccine delays so we can secure our future, by signing here: