Getting Our Economy Re-Started While Keeping Canadians Safe

April 16, 2020
As we grapple with the significant economic setbacks posed by COVID-19, many students are struggling to find summer jobs. I have heard from countless students over the last month who have told me they were planning to work over the Summer to cover their living fees, but are having a tough time finding a place that is hiring amidst this crisis. That’s no surprise – the coronavirus pandemic has forced non-essential businesses to shut their doors, and many services are taking a hit.
While many businesses are struggling, other organizations could use an extra set of hands as they ramp up for the Summer. These operators are ready to hire. But in some cases, the proposed 75% wage subsidy from the government won’t cut it, or there isn’t enough room on the payroll this year to take on a summer student. That’s why I am pleased to share with you that the Canada Summer Jobs Grant has extended their deadline to receive applications from those looking to hire. Please e-mail my office at if you are looking to apply for this grant.
The Canada Summer Jobs program places 70,000 students and youth with employers across the country. The government will now pay up to 100% of student’s wages, and they can be employed until February 28, 2021. Organizations and private businesses are eligible to apply for both part-time and full-time workers. I know businesses in our community have appreciated the opportunity in the past to hire local youth for the summer, and students look to it as a chance to help cover expensive school fees or pay their rent.
While the health and safety of Canadians must remain our utmost priority, we cannot back down from any opportunity to help our economy get back on its feet as quickly as possible. I have heard from many constituents who share this concern and have provided helpful suggestions on how we can come out of the gate strong as this health crisis subsides.
I would love to hear your feedback – if you have suggestions on how our economy can come roaring back after this pandemic is over, let me know by sharing your thoughts with me here.