Home Ownership Must be Accessible

June 10, 2021
The price of housing in Canada continues to rise, and it keeps getting harder for young families to save up to buy their first home.
Every corner of our riding is seeing the price of homes go up. From Airdrie to the Bow Valley, from Crossfield to Cochrane, and from Rocky View County to the suburbs of Calgary, it is getting tougher to buy a home.
Canada’s Conservatives are demanding that Justin Trudeau take immediate action to address the housing crisis in Canada.
Conservatives successfully passed a motion in the House of Commons that would:
  • Implement tax incentives focused on increasing the supply of purpose-built market rental housing units.
  • Overhaul housing policy to substantively increase supply.
  • Replace the government’s failed First-Time Home Buyer Incentive, which has been largely ineffective and drained taxpayer money.
  • Strengthen law enforcement tools to halt money laundering.
  • Examine a temporary freeze on home purchases by non-resident foreign buyers, so that Canadians have access to more homes.
Conservatives know that Canadians want to see action on this issue, and not finger-pointing. That is why we have proposed concrete measures that will soften the market to ensure Canadians have a chance to save up and buy a home.
Housing is slipping out of reach for young Canadians, new immigrants, and everyone else hoping to enter the market. The opportunity to own a home should be based on hard work, and a fair system. For too many hard-working Canadians, they feel cheated by an unfair system.
Ultimately, it is not bloated government programs like the Liberals have implemented that will decrease the cost of housing. It will be done by ensuring the private sector has the tools it needs to meet Canada’s housing needs. The easier it is for contractors and builder to make homes, the more there will be.
Additionally, Canadians who are looking to sell their home should not have to deal with a capital gains tax or any other punishing burdens. The easier it is for someone to sell their home, the easier it will be for a buyer.
Do you agree with our Conservative proposals to make housing more affordable? Add your name here: http://www.blakerichards.ca/home-ownership