Justin Trudeau is the First Prime Minister to BREAK THE LAW

August 15, 2019

Justin Trudeau is the First Prime Minister to BREAK THE LAW

Justin Trudeau is guilty.

“I found that Mr. Trudeau used his position of authority over Ms. Wilson-Raybould to seek to influence, both directly and indirectly, her decision on whether she should overrule the Director of Public Prosecutions’ decision not to invite SNC-Lavalin to enter into negotiations towards a remediation agreement” – The Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner, Trudeau II Report.

No one is above the law in Canada. But for the second time in four years, Justin Trudeau has demonstrated that he believes he is. The Trudeau II Report has finally been released. Yet again the Prime Minister has broken the law, YET AGAIN; and what’s worse, he has been found to have meddled in our independent justice system for partisan political purposes. In the words of the Ethics Commissioner “partisan political interests were improperly put to the Attorney General […] contrary to longstanding constitutional principles related to the prosecutorial independence of the rule of law.”

Canadians are rightfully outraged. Just as Conservatives knew from the beginning, all the facts were true and Justin Trudeau’s meddling was nothing less than political interference in Canada’s justice system. Now Canadians can see for themselves who is truthful and who is willing to cover-up the truth and meddle with our rule of law for personal political gain. Justin Trudeau is guilty, and his Liberal Government not only allowed him to cover it up but helped him to silence those who spoke or sought the truth.

And while it’s no shock to learn that Justin Trudeau is willing to break the law and bend the rules to serve himself and his closest friends, it is unbelievable that while he was being investigated, the Prime Ministers’ Office had the audacity to deny the Ethics Commissioner access to relevant information and unconstrained witnesses. Yet, despite these attempts to supress the truth and continue this unprecedented cover-up of the Prime Ministers’ actions, the Ethics Commissioner was successfully able to expose the corruption at the highest levels of the Prime Ministers’ Office.

For the first time in Canadian history a Prime Minister has broken federal law. As the Ethics Commissioner laid bare, Justin Trudeau’s political and judicial interference can be traced through the entirety of his time as Prime Minister. Since the beginning of his mandate, Justin Trudeau, his closest advisors, and other Ministers in his Government have put the needs of their friends efore the needs of Canadians and they have broken and bent whichever rules they required, whenever it was convenient to them.

We cannot and must not tolerate this deceitful and immoral behaviour by a Prime Minister. Canadians deserve better. Justin Trudeau is guilty. And come October 21st, Trudeau must go.