Keep Our Communities Safe

December 15, 2021

I think something we can all agree on is that hardened criminals who commit violent crimes should be put in jail.

Unfortunately, the Liberal government has shown that they disagree. Parliament wrapped up the fall session by debating Bill C-5, a piece of legislation which eliminates mandatory prison sentences for a number of offences, primarily related to gun crime. This bill also allows for greater use of conditional sentencing orders, like house arrest, for a number of offences.

The crimes being considered for house arrest in this legislation include sexual assault, human trafficking, and kidnapping. Victims of these crimes are often negatively impacted for the rest of their lives. Now on top of dealing with that trauma, they will have to live in fear that the person who committed these acts against them could be serving house arrest in the same community.

As this government focuses on making things easier for criminals, they have done nothing to protect victims, and are putting our communities at risk.

Let me be clear, Canada’s Conservatives feel strongly that serious, violent offences committed with firearms deserve mandatory prison time.

It is completely backwards to put new restrictions on law-abiding firearms owners while being soft on real criminals like gun traffickers and gang members.

Criminals who smuggle and traffic weapons or commit gun violence should be placed in jail. It should not be a question of if, and, or but. These are dangerous criminals who should not be sent straight back out on the street to re-offend.

The Liberals might be fine putting communities and victims at risk while standing up for criminals, but Canada’s Conservatives are not.

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