Liberals More Focused on Election Planning Than Helping Canadians

March 4, 2021
Canadians continue to struggle through the pandemic. Many remain out of work, and mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and addictions continue to grip too many people and their families.
While so many Canadians are facing dire straits, the Liberals are more focused on planning for the next election. Reports continue to swirl about a potential Spring election, and recent announcements like the government’s senseless firearms legislation proves that Justin Trudeau is focused on his own re-election and advancing the Liberals’ ideological agenda instead of helping Canadians get vaccines.
On top of that, we have seen the government blatantly ignore the serious issues being raised surrounding the federally mandated quarantine hotels for those returning to Canada. In one instance, a woman was victim to sexual assault by a security agent at the facility.
Canada’s Conservatives have called for the Liberals to suspend the hotel quarantine requirement and replace it with a more effective system of enhanced testing for international travellers and better and safer enforcement of the at-home quarantine. Canada’s Conservatives will continue to call for the government to enact a real plan to protect Canadians in the COVID-19 pandemic.
While the Liberal government continues to jeopardize our return to normal, Canada’s Conservatives have been able to accomplish meaningful results for Canadians. In just one week, Conservatives were able to:
  • Pass a motion in the House of Commons to create a special committee on Canada-U.S. relations to get results on vaccines, trade, and pipelines.
  • Pass a bill to extend compassionate care leave following the death of a loved one.
  • Pass a bill to legalize single-event sports betting.
  • Unanimously pass a motion calling on Justin Trudeau to recognize the Uyghur genocide in China.
  • Pass a motion to officially declare February 22nd as National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.
I will continue listening to you to ensure we are doing everything we can to secure jobs, secure our economy, and secure our future. That means doing all we can to ensure the Liberal government makes up for the vaccine shortfalls Canadians have experienced, and putting pressure on the government to make sure they give clear criteria for what conditions need to be met to loosen restrictions and get our lives back to normal.