Liberals Lacking Moral Compass

September 28, 2018

Canadians expect their government to show sympathy, compassion and act morally. However, the Liberal government has shown a shocking lack of care or empathy towards victims in two recent situations.

In 2017, Christopher Garnier was convicted of second-degree murder in the 2015 death of Truro, Nova Scotia police officer Catherine Campbell. Garnier was found to have developed PTSD as a direct result of murdering Campbell, putting her body in a compost bin and dumping her under a bridge. This is according to an expert who testified at trial. While in prison, Garnier has been receiving treatment funded under the Veterans Affairs benefits of his father, a former military member.

A convicted murderer who has never served a single day in his life should not be receiving benefits from Veterans Affairs, especially when so many of our veterans have to fight the government for their benefits. Canada’s Conservatives called for the Prime Minister and the Liberal government to stand up for veterans and to immediately remove the Veterans Affairs benefits that have been extended to Chris Garnier. He has access to mental health services available to him via the penal system and does not need to use resources that are meant for veterans and their families. Every single Liberal MP voted to allow this convicted cop-killer to continue to receive veterans benefits.

The worst thing about this situation is that the Prime Minister and Veterans Affairs Minister have both repeatedly stood up in Parliament and refused to answer any of our questions about why Garnier was still receiving veteran’s benefits. For weeks, the Minister had been claiming to be waiting for an answer from his department officials. Minister: it should not be taking weeks to get an answer from your officials. This lack of leadership and the inability of Liberals to simply do the right thing is astounding and unfortunately is part of a trend.

In 2009, eight year-old Tori Stafford was walking home alone from school when Terri-Lynne McClintic lured her to a car. Tori was kidnapped, raped and murdered by McClintinc’s boyfriend. In 2010, McClintic pleaded guilty to the horrific crimes and was sentenced to life in prison. This government has allowed McClintic to be transferred to a facility in Saskatchewan without even any walls, despite the fact that she has no chance of parole for 25 years.

Canada’s Conservatives have expressed outrage and concern over this decision, because we believe that dangerous predators and child killers belong behind bars. Instead, she is now at a facility that offers living quarters with bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchenettes and living rooms. Shockingly, the Liberal government has decided to attack our Conservative MPs for repeatedly raising this issue. We are asking why this was allowed to happen, the same questions that the father of Tori Stafford has been raising. Yes, the horrific details are difficult to hear and that’s what makes this sad situation more appalling.

The Prime Minister needs to show immediate leadership and reverse this disgusting decision. Tori Stafford’s family deserves the peace of mind of knowing that their daughter’s killer is locked away behind bars, where she belongs.