Do the Liberals Want to Lower Canada’s Voting Age?

November 12, 2020

An “independent” Liberal Senator is proposing a bill that would lower Canada’s voting age from 18 to 16 years old.

This Senator was appointed by Justin Trudeau in 2016. And like many of Trudeau’s appointees to the Senate, they have voted in-line with the Liberal Party on nearly every vote.

Trudeau said his approach to the Senate will ensure that it remains an independent chamber to scrutinize Parliament’s decisions. In reality, he has continually used these Senators as tools to do his bidding. Other than their title, there is little that is actually ‘independent’ about them.

I have heard from many constituents who are concerned about the idea of lowering Canada’s voting age. This drastic shift is without international precedent and the Liberals have yet to explain why they feel it is warranted.

While I encourage youth to get involved in politics at a young age, it is far from clear that this proposal would actually have that effect.

The Conservative Party believes in engaging young people in the political process so they can later become informed voters. Our Party does not put its young people in a sandbox – they are helping out in constituency offices and campaigns to learn real-world skills no matter their age.

On top of that, our Conservative caucus has the youngest Member of Parliament in this session, and several members under the age of 30.

If the Liberals are so interested in increasing youth political engagement, perhaps they could begin by answering why they are leaving our younger generation with an insurmountable debt.

The stakes are too high for our democracy to become an experiment. No other developed nation has a voting age younger than 18, and many have legitimate concerns that Canada would become the guinea pig of western democracies.

The Prime Minister must address this issue, and whether he believes Canada should lower its voting age to 16. Do he and his ‘independent’ Senators truly believe this move would encourage youth engagement? Or is this simply another political move on his part?

I am interested in your thoughts – do you think Canada’s voting age should be lowered to 16? Let me know by visiting and select “Have Your Say.” Then, select “Lowering the voting age?”