Too Many Canadians Letdown by 2021 Budget

April 19, 2021

Today, the Liberal government released their first budget in two years. It will add over $100 billion in new spending, and will increase Canada’s debt to $1.2 trillion.

Canada’s Conservatives have been calling for a plan to get Canadians’ lives back to normal. We wanted a clear outline to get our economy back on track, and recover the jobs lost due to the pandemic.

Unemployed Canadians wanted to see a plan to create new jobs, workers who have had their wages cut and hours slashed hoped to see a plan to reopen the economy, and families that can’t afford more taxes were looking for relief.

They are all going to be let down by this budget.

We wanted the government to follow our lead by implementing policies from our plan to secure the future. With that said, Conservatives will work to propose amendments to the government to ensure Canadians have security that jobs will return, and our economy will grow. Rather than simply pointing out the flaws in the Liberals’ budget, we will work hard to implement our policies in the budget to ensure Canadians are not left behind.


I was pleased to see the government say they will look into implementing a suicide prevention hotline. Due to the pandemic and related lockdowns, many Canadians are facing serious mental health challenges. A three-digit suicide hotline is just one more resource to help Canadians with mental health challenges. Canada’s Conservatives would immediately implement this hotline, and boost support for Canadians dealing with mental health challenges.


In our riding, tourism is an important economic driver, and has been devastated by the pandemic. Lockdowns and border restrictions have stifled this sector, and many businesses have been forced to layoff employees, and in some cases, close altogether. I was happy to see the government acknowledge how important this sector is to the Canadian economy. Unfortunately, their plan to help the tourism sector lacks the clarity the sector desperately needs. Canada’s Conservatives have, and will continue to call for a plan that is clear about when lockdowns can end and the border can be reopened.


Our region’s success is greatly dependent on the success of our energy sector. Sadly, this Liberal budget abandons the natural resource sector entirely. Our country depends on energy projects that create jobs and boost the economy. The budget completely neglects this, and is proposing a “reimagined” Canadian economy that dabbles in risky economic ideas, which will leave our economy in a precarious position.

Our Conservative plan is focused on creating financial security and certainty. Canada’s Recovery Plan would safely secure our future and deliver a Canada where those who have struggled the most through this pandemic can get back to work. You can see the plan here.

This plan will ensure that our resource development is bolstered, wages go up, and the dream of affording a better life for our children can be realized by all Canadians.

We are focused on securing jobs and the economy for Canadians who have been left behind by Justin Trudeau.

Canada’s Conservatives got Canada through the last recession, and with Canada’s Recovery Plan, we will get Canadians through this one too.

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