Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

This December, like every other, I’ve spent the holidays eagerly awaiting another enchanted Christmas morning. I encourage everyone to enjoy every moment of this wonderful time of year. From shimmering ornaments on trees to Christmas movie classics, take a moment to smile, listen to the Christmas tunes, and give back to our community.

On full display in the riding, we’ve seen Christmas joy and cheer. Canmore Rotary hosted their annual Festival of Trees, Santa Claus parades brought merriment to our streets throughout the riding, and Airdrie hosted their Festival of Lights. At a Stoney Christmas and Cochrane Jingle and Mingle, Crossfield’s Winter Wonderland and Exshaw’s Spirit in the Mountains, our communities inspired others with hope, light, and compassion. I couldn’t be prouder of our Christmas spirit.

Wherever we look, there are reminders of the Christmas spirit all around us. Still, for many in our community, there is need for our empathy and support. Whether it’s a donation, or lending a helping hand at a local charity, I encourage you all to lift up someone in need. Every year the kindness of our community reaches so many. I know that these are difficult times in Alberta, but I am always impressed by the remarkable compassion and generosity of Albertans during this festive season.

I am working hard on your behalf to help us overcome this difficult time. Seeing the strength of our community during the Christmas season reminds me of our enormous sense of resilience and hope. Soon we will be turning our eyes to the night sky on December 31st. As we begin to watch for fireworks at the stroke of midnight, we draw nearer to an exciting 2019. The New Year signifies change, renewal, and coming together. I know that we have a lot to discuss in the coming year. I look forward to meeting with you.

Until then, let’s continue to help each other and demonstrate the spirit of Christmas in every way we can. Let’s use this time to strengthen our ties of community and make each other’s wishes come true. Let us each recall that the spirit of Christmas is with us and is meant to be spread from neighbour to neighbour, child to child, to young and to old.

I wish you a safe and Merry Christmas full of love, laughter, and joy. And may you have a Happy New Year!