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These next few weeks are critical.

If we are going to finish our mission to ensure parents who have suffered the loss of child get the support and compassion they deserve before the next election, we will have to act quickly.

You see, the Liberal government appears to be trying to run out the clock on the opportunity to get legislation passed before the next election. And, if we’re going to convince them to take action rather than just pay lip service to this important issue we will have to move fast.

As you will recall, Motion 110 was unanimously passed in the House of Commons by all parties and it is now being studied by the Human Resources Committee. That only happened because thousands of people all across Canada put the pressure on Liberal Members of Parliament after their government originally spoke against it.

Unfortunately, it now appears we need to put that pressure on once again, as it seems the current federal government plans to take no action on Motion 110 report recommendations before the next election.

When they have been given real opportunities to take concrete action to assist grieving parents, there have instead been excuses, platitudes and empty words.

Liberal Members voted to shut down a Conservative motion to have the Motion 110 Committee report and recommendations tabled prior to the December 8th deadline set out in the Motion 110 timeline to present the report to the House of Commons.

Further, every single party except the Liberals voted for a proposed amendment to the Budget Implementation Act that would have created a new 12-week bereavement leave for parents dealing with the death of a child.

The Liberals need to know that words are simply not enough. Action is needed to support grieving parents, and it is needed now.

You can help by doing the following:

  1. Sign and share this petition asking the Government to take action on a 12 week bereavement leave prior to the next election.
  2. Sign and share this online petition.
  3. Emailing your Member of Parliament asking them what concrete actions they are taking to ensure that grieving parents are properly supported.
  4. Seek a meeting with your Member of Parliament and any Liberals Members of Parliament in your surrounding area. You can find the contact information of your Member of Parliament at this website.

Don’t let them run out the clock. We can still force action prior to the next election but we must convince them to take concrete action immediately. They will try to give you all sorts of excuses – we simply can’t accept excuses.

This report needs to be completed and tabled by the end of January in order for there to be time to get further debate, and therefore an opportunity to right this wrong, before the next election.

We can do this. We’ve done it before.

But we must act now.

Please do what you can to help.


Blake Richards, MP for Banff Airdrie

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