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Latest Updates:

When I tabled M-110 in the House of Commons in 2018, I wanted to ensure that all grieving families across Canada would get the support and compassion they need after the loss of an infant. 

After M-110 received unanimous support in the House of Commons, the Human Resources Committee studied the motion and passed a report in 2019.  It made seven recommendations, including proposed changes to the Employment Insurance Program which would accommodate a bereavement leave that would provide income support for 12 to 15 weeks for parents grieving the loss of an infant child. 

For nearly four years the Government let the report sit on a shelf, failing to take any steps to implement the report recommendations, and parents across Canada continued to suffer the emotional and financial consequences of their inaction.

For nearly four years we did not give up.  I kept up the pressure on the Government in the House of Commons, and you continued your work on the ground, sharing petitions, stories, and letters to ensure that parents would not continue to be forgotten by their government after an unimaginable loss. 

Finally, an acknowledgement of all this hard work and dedication has been realized in Budget 2023 with the announcement of a potential bereavement leave after the loss of a child:

However, the support being offered in its current form is too vague, too restrictive, and leaves many unanswered questions, such as whether the leave will be paid or unpaid, how long it will last, and why only federally regulated employees will have access to the benefit.

We need to continue to push to ensure that all seven recommendations of the Committee’s report are fully implemented so that parents will be given the time they need to grieve without added stress placed on them by the government. As there is a will to see these changes made, I know that we will see their implementation through together, no matter how long it takes.

As always, thank you for your unwavering support on this important issue.  We will work to see these changes through, so that every parent receives the care and support that they deserve.


Blake Richards, Member of Parliament for Banff-Airdrie

You can help by doing the following:

  1. Please sign and share this parliamentary petition urging the federal government to take action for grieving parents.
  2. Email the Human Resources, Skills and Social Development Committee Clerk to let them know if you are interested in appearing as a witness, or in submitting a brief on the committee study on the path forward to immediately implement the seven recommendations in the report, Supporting Families After the Loss of a Child.
  3. Emailing your Member of Parliament asking them when action will be taken on the Human Resources Report Recommendations.
  4. Seek a meeting with your Member of Parliament and any Liberals Members of Parliament in your surrounding area. You can find the contact information of your Member of Parliament at this website.

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