Motion 110

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On Monday December 3rd an important vote took place in the House of Commons where Members of Parliament had a chance to express their support for a 12 week bereavement leave for grieving parents .

As parliamentarians, it is of utmost importance that we must support grieving parents not just with words, but with our actions.

Disappointingly, when given a chance to take action, every single Liberal Member of Parliament present voted against an amendment to the Budget Implementation Act (Bill C-86) which would consider “ ensuring that every employee, regardless of gender, be entitled to and shall be granted a leave of absence from employment of up to 12 weeks if the employee is the parent of a child who has died, including in cases of perinatal death.

You can watch the video of the vote here .

The federal government must show compassion towards grieving parents, and rather than continuing with empty words, it is time for them to take actual action.

Please know that I will continue to push the government to take action on this important issue. I will not stop until we get the result that bereaved parents deserve.

Thank you for your continued support. I will be in touch soon with further details on next steps.


Blake Richards, MP for Banff Airdrie

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