Motion 110

Latest Update:

Thank you all so much for your efforts thus far. We have made tremendous strides since the motion was first introduced. Through your hard work, our motion has been noticed by the government and they have come to realize that they cannot simply wave us away.
I have been having ongoing discussions to get the support of the government to ensure a free vote on the Motion. As I have said since day one, this is a non-partisan effort; I will work with all political parties to get this motion passed because we know what sort of a difference it will make for grieving parents.
I have an exciting update: it seems likely that the Liberal government WILL agree to a free vote on Motion 110.
A free vote is a huge win for us. From my discussion with Liberal MPs and from what you have told me about your conversations, many want to support Motion 110. We are on the brink of having M-110 passed.
However, it is not a sure thing. We cannot stop our work. MPs still need to be convinced that they should vote for Motion 110. You should still be contacting your MP to convince them to vote in favour of M-110.
I will continue to talk to Liberal MPs and do my best to convince each and every one of them to vote in favour of our motion.
Thanks again for your efforts.
Blake Richards, MP
P.S.: Reminder that the second hour of debate is scheduled for Friday June 8, 2018, with the vote to happen the following Wednesday on June 13th. I encourage as many of you as possible to attend in Ottawa for one or both of these dates. Should you be interested, please contact our office for more information.

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