How Can You Help on Motion 110

The Liberals need to know that words are simply not enough. Action is needed to support grieving parents, and it is needed now.

You can help by doing the following:

  1. Please sign and share this parliamentary petition urging the federal government to take action for grieving parents.
  2. Email the Human Resources, Skills and Social Development Committee Clerk to let them know if you are interested in appearing as a witness, or in submitting a brief on the committee study on the path forward to immediately implement the seven recommendations in the report, Supporting Families After the Loss of a Child.
  3. Emailing your Member of Parliament asking them when action will be taken on the Human Resources Report Recommendations.
  4. Seek a meeting with your Member of Parliament and any Liberals Members of Parliament in your surrounding area. You can find the contact information of your Member of Parliament at this website.