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I need your immediate assistance.

Motion 110 was a non-partisan effort put forward by Member of Parliament Blake Richards, which was passed unanimously in the House of Commons in June 2018, to study and make recommendations at Committee on the issue of child loss, its impact on parents, and how to fix the shortcomings with current government programming.

The HUMA Committee heard powerful witness testimony and recommendations from parents who have been affected by pregnancy and infant loss on what the Government can do to ensure parents no longer suffer any undue financial or emotional hardship as a result of the design of government programming.

The HUMA Committee Report, which was based on this testimony, was tabled on February 7th and proposes changes to the Employment Insurance Program that would accommodate a bereavement leave that would provide income support for 12 to 15 weeks for parents grieving the loss of an infant child.

The window to have this legislation enacted is quickly closing. There is one chance left prior to the next election. We need the Government to take immediate action on these recommendations and include this in their upcoming Budget.

There should be no excuses. Affected parents are asking for more compassion and understanding during their most challenging times. I don’t think that this is too much to ask for.


As you know, the Budget is being tabled on March 19, 2019, so please do not respond with talking points or justifications. I want to know what concrete actions that you will personally take to ensure that the Government includes this in its upcoming Budget. You can make a difference for thousands of Canadian families.

Thank you,



You can write to your local MP‎ at:

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How do I find the name of my Member of Parliament?

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You can write to the Prime Minister at:

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You can write to the Minister of Families, Children and Social Development at:

Hon. Jean-Yves Duclos, PC, MP

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