Optimism for the Future

May 27, 2021
The province of Alberta has laid out its reopening plan, with restrictions starting to ease in the first week of June, and a plan to lift all health restrictions by early July.
This means small businesses will be able to reopen, loved ones will be able to reunite, and travel around the province will be encouraged.
While this is welcome news for our province, it is important to reflect on the adverse effects the pandemic will continue to have on so many people, and how we can make sure that everyone who has been impacted feels optimistic about the future.
Fourteen months into the pandemic, I still hear from small businesses that haven’t been eligible for some of the government support programs. This is due to the rigid criteria set by the Liberal government, which eliminates new businesses from qualifying.
This means that a business that opened up just before the pandemic started was left out to dry by the Liberals.
Canada’s Conservatives are committed to securing jobs and ensuring businesses can grow and prosper. Rather than punish new businesses like the Liberals have, we will create incentives to make it more manageable for Canadians to start their own business.
Start-up businesses are not the only ones left behind. Tourism operators have felt neglected by the Liberal government too, given that visitor numbers have been reduced thanks to closed borders.
I have heard from so many businesses and employees in the tourism and hospitality sector who are facing uncertainty due to the government’s failure to provide metrics to enable reopening the borders and welcoming back guests.
Another side effect of the pandemic is the toll it has taken on so many Canadians’ mental health. Seniors have suffered isolation, laid off employees have been stressed about paying the bills, and opioid addictions have skyrocketed.
Canada’s Conservatives will ensure that decisions regarding mental health will be made by the province, not out-of-touch bureaucrats in Ottawa. Our plan to secure mental health will make sure Albertans have the resources they need.
While we all have optimism for a great Summer, there is still plenty of work to do to ensure the wake of the pandemic does not have a residual impact. Canada’s Conservatives will keep doing that work so that we can put this all behind us.
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