Parliament Needs To Get Back To Work

October 8, 2021
It’s been nearly three weeks since the federal election, and Justin Trudeau remains unclear about when Parliament will resume.
Instead, he’s spent his time since the election surfing in British Columbia, and planning for yet another election in 18 months. At a time when Canadians need leadership, the Prime Minister is absent.
Canada’s Conservatives are ready to get back to work for Canadians. We have a strong team of MPs that understand the issues facing Canadians, and we look forward to the resumption of Parliament to tackle these important matters, such as:
  • A resurgence of COVID-19, and small businesses that continue to suffer due to lockdowns and restrictions.
  • Uncertainty around the border reopening and vaccine requirements making life more stressful for some families.
  • Our oil and gas sector being ignored by the Liberal government, and causing many Albertans concerns about their jobs and livelihoods.
  • Western alienation that continues to divide our country, and makes many westerners feel left behind by Liberal elites in Eastern Canada.
  • The cost of living that continues to surge due to government spending. The price of gas, groceries, and housing all continue to skyrocket.
While Liberals lick their wounds from the election, Canada’s Conservatives will provide real solutions to these pressing matters and will continue to defend the interests of Canadians.
Which issue(s) do you want Parliament to focus on? Let me know here.