The Numbers are In: Pipelines are a National Priority

January 18, 2019

The Numbers are In: Pipelines are a National Priority

The start of 2019 has not produced new pipelines. The trials Albertans faced in 2018 show no signs of disappearing. Our frustrations continue to grow. The pipelines we desperately need still sit frozen in the hands of the Liberal Government. We still feel alienated. But it turns out that we are not alone. A poll conducted by the Angus Reid Institute has affirmed what Albertans have always known: Canadians across the country want pipelines too. The majority of Canadians agree that preventing Alberta from developing new pipelines has created a national crisis.

And they’re right. Pipelines are the economic driver of our country, despite what the Liberal Government likes to believe. However, while it’s reassuring to know that the majority of Canadians consider our oil and gas to be a vital industry – and a vital industry in crisis – the numbers don’t change the fact that pipelines aren’t being built. Most Canadians agree this is a crisis. Each day, Albertans experience this crisis. Yet, no one in Trudeau’s Government is treating this like a crisis.

Canadians recognize that without pipelines, the crisis in our oil and gas industry will remain a burden on our provincial and national economies. As our crisis continues, the impact will be felt from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. Angus Reid findings also indicate that most Canadians support building both the Energy East and Trans Mountain pipelines. Now there is no excuse. Canadians want pipelines and they know exactly which ones.

If there was any doubt, this poll validates our protests. Canadians agree that jobs, the economy, and Canada’s reputation are tied to our oil and gas industry. If Alberta’s economy is undermined, then Canada’s future is too. This is a fact the Liberal Government has chosen to ignore. The numbers are in and they definitively show that pipelines must be a national priority.

The answer was simple. Build pipelines to build a strong Canada. It wasn’t a message the Liberal Government understood. Now there is extensive job loss and a major economic downturn. The Trudeau Government refused to listen to Albertans. They’ve done the bare minimum to acknowledge Alberta’s crisis. But 6 in 10 Canadians stand with Alberta and agree that this is a crisis. Luckily for the Liberal Government, if they’re listening, the answer remains simple. Build Canada pipelines.