The Real Reason Trudeau Won’t Stand Up to China

July 15, 2019

The Real Reason Trudeau Won’t Stand Up to China

It’s been seven and a half months since the relationship between Canada and China deteriorated with two Canadian citizens detained and many Canadian agricultural exports banned from China. While Canadians have waited for the Liberals to resolve these tensions, relations have only gotten worse. Now, seven and a half months later, the Liberals realized that there’s a problem. Unfortunately, disgusting comments by the former Canadian Ambassador to China demonstrate that the Liberals have drawn all the wrong conclusions about what those problems are. Justin Trudeau’s hand-picked former Ambassador, John McCallum, recently warned China that they should normalize relations with Canada because it’ll have an impact on the Liberal’s hopes of being re-elected. If Canadians were wondering why this dispute has lasted so long, now they know it’s because finding a solution was never the number one priority for this Liberal Government.

As the dispute between China and Canada continues, there is no end in sight for Canadians. Despite claims to the contrary, there is no evidence that Trudeau’s inaction is achieving any positive results for concerned Canadians. From the comments of this previous Trudeau Cabinet Member, it appears the Liberals are too preoccupied trying to earn favour with the Chinese Government than with finding tangible and effective solutions that will result in the safe return of detained Canadians and resume Canadian exports to China. As more and more quality Canadian products are banned from China, Canadians are rightfully worried about what might happen tomorrow.

Across Canada, Canadian businesses and families are the ones dealing with the consequences of this dispute. The families and friends of Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig are enduring unimaginable hardship while workers and families dependent upon agricultural exports are searching for relief. It’s unbelievable that Canada has failed to stand up to China, but as McCallum’s indefensible comments made clear, the Liberals are more concerned with keeping their jobs than defending the jobs of Canada’s agricultural families. By telling Chinese officials that it’s in China’s best interests to have a Liberal Government in Canada, McCallum’s comments show once again that the Liberals are failing to put Canadian interests first – at home or on the world stage.

Canadians know that Canada should have a federal government that is good for Canada and that stands up to countries that violate the rights of Canadians. The two illegally detained Canadians, Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig deserve better, and Canadian farmers need a government that will have their backs. No complaint has been launched with the World Trade Organization nor has Canadian funding in the Asian Infrastructure Bank been withdrawn. No real action has been taken to protect Canadians. It’s time for a Conservative Government that will take real action to stand up for the livelihoods and safety of Canadians and the integrity of Canada’s elections.