Recovering the 1 Million Jobs Lost

April 12, 2021

Our region has been hit hard with job losses. From the federal attack on our energy sector, to the devastating impact the COVID-19 pandemic response has had on hospitality, tourism, and other small businesses, we are facing a serious job shortage.

Recently, Erin O’Toole laid out our Conservative plan to secure the future. The plan has five key points that would get Canada back on track and set out the path for our recovery.

The first aspect of the plan is our commitment to secure jobs and recover the 1 million that were lost due to the pandemic. Too many of our neighbours, friends, and loved ones have been laid off, and they need certainty that their government has a plan to get them back to work. Every Canadian deserves the dignity of a well-paying and secure job.

But Canada’s slow vaccine rollout is putting us at a disadvantage, and our economy needs to be firing on all cylinders to ensure our recovery keeps up with the rest of the world.

Our jobs plan includes a commitment to take immediate action to help the hardest hit sectors like tourism and hospitality.

We will also rebuild the local economy by assisting small business and providing incentives to invest in and start new businesses. Our local small businesses have made countless sacrifices over the past year and are constantly facing the challenge of shifting lockdown requirements. They need conditions that will allow them to prosper.

Our plan will grow opportunity in all sectors of the economy. That means we will unleash Alberta’s energy sector, expand trading opportunities, and lift the red tape that holds back too many Albertans.

Canada does not need a risky “reimagining” of the economy. Instead, we need to get back to basics and give job creators the tools and conditions they need to succeed.

I’m interested in your thoughts. Do you think recovering the 1 million jobs lost due to the pandemic should be a top priority? Let me know here.