Richards Report – January 11 2018 – New Year, New Costs

New Year, New Costs

“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin

One of the Founding Fathers of the United States was correct when he made this remark. In Justin Trudeau’s Canada, we can definitely be certain that taxes will always go higher and higher. From his carbon tax to his relentless attack on small businesses, this Liberal government is bent on extracting as much money as possible from the wallets of hardworking Canadians. Albertans continue to struggle and are left in the cold in the wake of these tax hikes and the lack of support for our critical oil and energy sector.

On New Year’s Day, Albertans were faced with a carbon tax that had jumped by 50 per cent. The cost of heating your home, filling up your car or truck and even buying groceries will be affected. The impact will be felt most by the middle class, who are often struggling to make ends meet, working hard to put their kids through school or save for retirement. The middle class needs help and increasing taxes on everything is not going to help them.

This past December, government projections show that despite all this “action” from the Liberal government, Canada will still be well short of meeting climate change commitments. Let’s not be fooled here: the carbon tax is nothing more than another cash grab by this tax-and-spend government. These massive tax increases already do more harm than good. If the government cannot meet their commitments through a carbon tax, Canadians are left wondering: what else is on the menu for 2018?

Late last year, the Liberal government developed new building code regulations that would require costly mandatory energy efficiency renovations. These changes would greatly impact the many Canadians who dream of homeownership. Homeowners would be forced to make mandatory renovations when updating or selling their homes, easily costing tens of thousands of extra dollars. While again claiming that this would help the environment, the fact is simple: this is nothing more than another attempt to grab more tax dollars from the pockets of the middle class. Concerned Canadians can sign this petition (, calling on the government to ensure that any new building code regulations will not have undue costly implications on homeowners and to properly consult with Canadians.

This Liberal government cannot be trusted to protect the best interest of Canadians. With the upcoming federal budget, small businesses are holding their collective breaths to wait and see what new schemes will be developed to take more of their hard earned money. Albertans should not hold their breath for too long though, waiting for support for our oil and energy sector. This government has shown that they simply do not care about our key industry. Let me know what you think the priorities in the next federal budget should be: