Standing Up for Albertan Farmers and Ranchers

January 23, 2019

Standing Up for Albertan Farmers and Ranchers

Canada’s newest food guide is here. While we can all agree that drinking more water is good advice, I worry about the impact the 2019 Food Guide will have on our agricultural producers. Our country and province are rich in agricultural products. Yet, I don’t see this food guide accurately representing these valuable and nourishing foods. Instead, this food guide uses conflicting messaging to dismiss many of our great agricultural products. For example, by grouping all proteins together – plant and meat based – this food guide implies that these products have equal amounts of nutrients and vitamins. This misrepresentation will negatively affect consumer choice, and I worry for our farmers and ranchers who will feel the economic blowback from these changes.

Our beef farmers are worried about the long-term effects of these changes. Our famous Alberta beef is a major industry that employs thousands of people and supports our economy. It is important that we stand up for our farmers and ranchers who are now at risk of seeing the size of their industry cut. More Alberta jobs are on the line. Many ranchers already face substantial obstacles to making ends meet. Changed public perception will only further impact agricultural communities and families. Alberta Beef is good for Alberta, good for our health, and good for Canada.

We all know why it’s important to have a balanced diet. But we all want to know why the Liberal Government’s food guide ignores the health benefits offered by our beef producers. The newest food guide should be promoting our rich and varied agricultural products. After all, lean red meats are part of a balanced diet. The Liberal Government has caused the price of groceries to rise – making life less affordable – and hardworking Canadians are already nervous about their next visit to the grocery store. This food guide puts another serving of uncertainty on our plates.

Alberta beef delivers certainty. Alberta beef comes from trusted producers and has trusted health benefits. We already feel helpless at the grocery store and now this food guide tries to question our trust in meat producers. In light of these changes, it is important for us to all show our support for our ranching families and communities. We must stand with the Alberta farmers and ranchers producing healthy and sustainable Alberta beef. And while we should all drink more water and eat healthier foods, we need to get the message out that meat, especially Alberta beef, should be part of Canada’s diet.