Still No Guarantee

April 26, 2019

Still No Guarantee

If tomorrow, Canadians woke up to find that the Trans Mountain Pipeline had built itself – magically appeared in the ground and was operational – the Trudeau Government would still find a way to delay it. After months of delays and inaction, the Trudeau Government is still refusing to commit to building the Trans Mountain pipeline.

Despite the National Energy Board approving… and re-approving the Trans Mountain pipeline, and even though the Government will have completed consultations with Indigenous communities by June 18th, the Liberal Government won’t guarantee that they will make a decision on the Trans Mountain pipeline. In fact, Trudeau’s Liberals are indicating that the fate of our much-needed pipeline won’t come until after the election. Presumably, because the Liberals know that Canadians will elect a Conservative Government that is actually capable of making decisions.

But while we wait for a Conservative Government to fix Trudeau’s disasters, the Liberals are rubbing salt in our wounds and laughing in Albertans’ faces. After obstructing every possible pipeline project, the Liberals bought the Trans Mountain pipeline just to dangle it in front of Alberta’s unemployed and suffering families. Whether it’s supposedly protecting jobs at SNC Lavalin, the $4.5 billion Trudeau spent purchasing the existing Trans Mountain pipeline, or his reckless deficits – Albertans know the truth: Justin Trudeau knows exactly how important the construction of a new pipeline is, and he is happy to keep taunting Albertans anyway. This is utter cruelty.

At this point, even the Liberals cannot keep their deception straight. On April 23rd, one Liberal Minister announced that a decision would be made by June 18th (already delayed from May 22nd). Then, two days later, another Liberal Minister announced that there is no guarantee that a decision will be reached before the election. Apparently, lying to Albertans is a game the Liberal Government likes to play when they should be busy working to create jobs for Canadians.

The Liberals are choosing to prolong the suffering of Albertans even though they have everything they need to get the Trans Mountain pipeline built. I have never seen a Government so allergic to jobs and helping Canadian families as this Liberal Government. June 18th is the date that the Liberals chose as their deadline to make a decision on the Trans Mountain pipeline. June 18th isn’t even here yet, but it’s clear that the Liberal Government has already come to a decision and are just delaying revealing it.

Well, Justin Trudeau’s intentions are clear: The Liberal Government will do everything in their power to be spiteful to Albertans. If Albertans found a wishing well, Trudeau would spend $4.5 billion just to cancel their wishes and then tax them for it. The Liberals are playing judge, jury, and executioner with the Trans Mountain pipeline’s fate, and it turns out they’ve already decided to deny it but just don’t want us to know it until after the election.