Thousands of Canadian Jobs are at Stake

November 19, 2020

Justin Trudeau is once again neglecting our oil sector.

The incoming American administration indicated during the campaign their intent to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline project.

This move would cost thousands of Canadian jobs and have a devastating economic impact. Canada’s energy sector depends on infrastructure – like the Keystone XL pipeline – to make it easier to export Canadian oil.

Yesterday, I called on the House of Commons to have an emergency debate regarding the survival of the Keystone XL project. You can see my speech in Parliament here.

The Liberal government has continually failed to advocate for the Keystone XL project, and the thousands of jobs it creates. Days after the Trudeau government came to office, the White House rejected the Keystone proposal. It was not until a new American administration was sworn-in that Keystone XL was revived.

The resurrection of the project was initiated entirely by the United States, and the approval now rests with an incoming administration that has indicated it will cancel the project.

In 2012, responding to American hesitation, it was a high-profile lobbying effort launched by the previous Conservative government that got the project approved originally.

We know that Canadian advocacy works. It did in the past, and it can now.

Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau has never cared about the Keystone XL project. When it was taken off the table in 2015, he did nothing. When it was put back on the table, he was apathetic. Now that the project’s survival is once again in jeopardy, Canada needs a strong voice in fighting for its approval.

The well-being of Alberta and all of Canada’s economy depends on getting our oil to market. With so many Canadians out of work right now due to the pandemic, it is vital that this project move forward.

Alberta is hurting. Thousands of Albertans are out of work, and the pandemic has only worsened our economic situation. If the government cares about this dire situation, they must actively support Keystone XL’s approval.

Sign here if you agree Canada should fight for the survival of the Keystone XL project.