Trudeau Government Must Bring Forward Plan to Re-Open Canada’s Economy

April 30, 2020
The past few weeks have been tough. Sadly, more than 2,700 Canadians have passed away due to COVID-19. Seven million Canadians have lost their jobs. Businesses have been forced to close their doors and many will never reopen.
I want to thank everyone in our community who have done what they can to slow the spread of coronavirus. By staying home and social distancing, we are protecting our frontline workers and the most vulnerable in society.
I especially want to thank everyone who is saving lives. Our healthcare professionals and first responders deserve our utmost gratitude and respect.
As hard as the shutdown has been, it has slowed the spread of the virus and prevented our healthcare system from being overwhelmed. As a result, provinces are now preparing to loosen certain health restrictions.
As these measures begin to ease, the Prime Minister must present a plan on how the government will support provinces in their re-opening plans. The Prime Minister has dabbled in provincial affairs when he should not have before – like enforcing his carbon tax. Now is not the time to meddle in provincial decisions, because Canadians lives and livelihoods depend on getting this right.
Today, Premier Jason Kenney announced a relaunch strategy for Alberta. This is welcome news for many who were looking to see a light at the end of the tunnel and I am certainly eager to see the economy moving again, while keeping the health and safety of Albertans in mind.
Alberta’s response and timelines to open up the economy are different than other provinces. The Prime Minister must ensure that there is a plan to support Alberta. Time and time again, this government has failed to understand the concerns of Albertans by patronizing our way of life and insulting our jobs. It is time to support Alberta and our mission to relaunch the economy when the province’s top medical officials deem it permissible.
The Prime Minister must ensure our healthcare workers have enough personal protective equipment, and that testing kits are made available as social distancing measures are lifted. He also has to keep a watchful eye on our borders, to ensure that nobody is entering Canada that may have been exposed to COVID-19. Our efforts this far can not be wasted.
Our Conservative team has worked constructively with the government to improve their response to this pandemic. We will continue to provide thoughtful solutions to ensure the government is held accountable as this crisis unfolds.