Trudeau Needs To Listen

October 28, 2021

Albertans have spoken, and now it’s time for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Government to actually listen. Now is not the time for his partisan sneering at the west. Now is the time to bring Canadians together, not divide them.
The results of the provincial equalization referendum showed that a majority of Albertans, 62 percent, want to see the inequity and unfairness of the equalization program that Alberta is facing fixed. Now the ball is squarely in Prime Minister Trudeau’s court. He has the opportunity to show that he recognizes the inequity that Alberta is facing and to respect Albertans.
Trudeau must listen also to the people of Alberta who have voted for their preferred Senate candidates. Albertans overwhelmingly voted for the three Conservative Party candidates, Pam Davidson, Erika Barootes and Mykhailo Martyniouk. As there are soon to be two vacant Senate seats for Alberta, Trudeau must act immediately to appoint elected representatives chosen by Albertans, rather than imposing his own will with his own hand-picked unelected appointments.
And in this critical time of post-pandemic economic recovery, the Liberals should be unleashing our oil and gas sector. Albertans are proud of our energy sector, and let it be known in the federal election that we want policies that to get our energy to market. Unfortunately, we have seen the Prime Minister once again set on a course to vilify Canada’s energy sector by choosing radical anti-oil activist Steven Gullbeault as his newest Minister of Environment. This move cannot be seen as anything other than a hostile signal to the oil and gas industry, which sustains tens of thousands of jobs and pumps billions of dollars into the Canadian economy each year. Further, Canadian energy is amongst the cleanest energy produced in the world – take our liquified natural gas, for example, which will help to reduce global reliance on coal and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
It’s time for the Liberals and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to hear the voices of Albertans and show our province the respect it deserves. If you agree that Alberta needs to demand respect from the federal government, sign here: