Trudeau is No Robin Hood

April 10, 2019

Trudeau is No Robin Hood

While Justin Trudeau continues to live in a fantasy world with his well-connected friends, Canadians are paying for his fairy-tales. While Canadians are hurting, the Liberal Government announced that it is giving Loblaws, a company that made $800 million last year, $12 million to purchase new fridges. And this comes just days after Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax came into effect in some provinces. Small businesses and families were already worried about being hit by the cost of the carbon tax, but this adds insult to injury. Trudeau’s fridges are just the latest example of how the Liberal Government will find a million ways to help friendly big businesses while never lifting a finger in support of those in need. In doing so, Trudeau is failing seniors on fixed incomes and the single parent down the street. While Liberal insiders get free fridges, small business owners and laid-off oil and gas workers get sleepless nights.

The Liberal Government might pretend to be looking out for Canadians. But Justin Trudeau is no Robin Hood. In fact, he’s the exact opposite. He is taking from the poor and giving to the rich.

While many small businesses are at risk of closing their doors and families are struggling to make ends meet, Liberal-connected insiders are getting millions from the Liberal Government. Meanwhile, the little guy is bearing the costs of the federal carbon tax while large emitters receive exemptions. They are being forced to make tough choices while a multi-million-dollar company gets free fridges. Canadians want to know why they are paying more in taxes and getting nothing in return.

Canadians can see through this reverse-Robin Hood scheme. Every day, many Canadians are struggling to get by. New and rising taxes are preventing small businesses from being competitive and business owners, their families, and their employees are feeling the pinch. Everywhere, Canadians are justifiably concerned at the lack of fairness in the Liberal Government’s actions. Why are small businesses and struggling Canadians expected to pay, while billion-dollar companies reap the benefits?

When Canadians think of their fridge, they think of their kids’ artwork and report cards. But when Justin Trudeau sees his fridge, he pictures the well-being of his well-connected friends. Trudeau is doing everything to help the big business elites while making independent contractors and family-run stores pay for it. There’s something rotten in the Liberals’ spending. I guess we know which fridge to check.