Everyone Loses with Trudeau’s Immigration Mistakes

February 7, 2019

Everyone Loses with Trudeau’s Immigration Mistakes

Mistakes breed mistakes, and we can all agree that when Justin Trudeau makes a mistake he doesn’t stop to fix it. One of Trudeau’s largest patterns of mistakes is his failure on illegal border crossers. By failing to fix the loopholes at our border, one problem has turned into many. Trudeau has strained our immigration process, and now the backlog has created delay and delay has led to more mistakes.

By refusing to stop the flow of illegal border crossers from the United States, the Liberal Government has created a scenario where our security and immigration screening systems are unable to keep up. The overwhelming number of asylum seekers being let into Canada are jamming our immigration and national security systems. Information isn’t being communicated properly between agencies and proper security screening isn’t occurring. Because of these backlogs, 11,745 individuals have entered Canada without proper screening. Trudeau refuses to fix his mistakes, but media reports suggest that individuals who may pose a threat to Canada are going unscreened. Why should Canadians have confidence or trust in our borders when Trudeau’s failures are costing us our security?

Just as our agencies are struggling to keep up, cities and provinces are finding that they do not have the space or resources to accommodate these migrants. Just last week, the Liberal Government was forced to extend $114 million to provinces for this exact reason. What the Liberal Government fails to understand is that throwing taxpayers’ money at a problem doesn’t make it go away. Provincial leaders have been clear: this money isn’t enough to meet the impossible demands set upon them by the Liberal Government. More importantly, Canadians shouldn’t be paying to deal with the Liberal Government’s immigration mistakes.

We all know the Trudeau Government doesn’t understand where money comes from. But it is disappointing to be reminded that they also don’t understand compassion either. 100,000 people took to their computers last week in hopes of legally bringing their parents and grandparents to Canada. These applicants were shocked to discover that the Liberal Government’s first-come-first-serve lottery system was mismanaged and unfair when the application closed moments after opening. While illegal border crossers gain rapid entry to Canada, those following the legal process are forced to deal with the Liberal Government’s cruel mistakes. The Trudeau Government showed the world that those who break the rules get to come to Canada, but those who follow them… they get heartbreak and humiliation.

Canada’s Conservatives recognize that the Liberal Government’s approach to immigration is disorderly and misleading. The Liberal Government is defending their record of mistakes, but their mistakes are costing Canadians and newcomers fairness, security, and compassion. Trudeau would rather be divisive and ignore real concerns than admit he was wrong. Taxpayers are on the hook for the relocation of unscreened illegal border crossers while legitimate claimants and vulnerable refugees are ignored and mistreated. Fairness, order, and compassion must be restored to our border and immigration processes. Unfortunately, mistakes seem to keep piling up.