The Truth about the Carbon Tax

August 27, 2019

The Truth about the Carbon Tax

Summer is nearly over but that isn’t stopping the Liberal Government from putting on their flip-flops one more time. Unfortunately for Canadians, this isn’t a sign that summer is sticking around. Instead, it’s a sign that the Liberals have been intentionally misleading Canadians when they claimed that they’d freeze the carbon tax at $50 a tonne. Despite Conservatives presenting evidence to the contrary, the Liberal Government continued to promise that their reckless carbon tax would not be increasing. But Conservatives knew that the Liberals were only waiting until after the election to reveal the truth. Now, with the election just around the corner, it turns out the Liberals weren’t being honest with Canadians. But Canadians finally learned the truth before it was too late after the Minister of the Environment accidentally told the truth about the carbon tax: It’s going up.

This Liberal Government just can’t stop flip-flopping on the issues that matter most to Canadians. Life is getting harder and since the Liberal Government can’t be taken at their word, Canadians are rightfully wondering where things will stop. Canadians are already struggling to make ends meet because of the carbon tax and increasing it will only make things like buying groceries harder. This is why Conservatives will cancel the carbon tax, so that Canadians can afford life once again. And, unlike the Liberals, Conservatives won’t be flipping back and forth on this commitment to Canadians.

After backing off their promise not to increase the carbon tax, it’s clear as ever that the Liberals just don’t get it. While they’ve spent four years making life harder for Canadians, they’ve also been busy misleading Canadians about how bad it will get. The Liberals are already plotting out their taxes for years to come – rather than solving the issues that matter to Canadians today like getting our oil to market. Canadians are tired of this government’s wishy-washy approach to their promises and commitments, and it’s time for a government that will stand behind their promises and put action behind their words.

Come October, Conservatives are cancelling the carbon tax and putting an end to these indefinite tax hikes. And that’s not all, after the Liberals crippled our oil and gas industry, Conservatives will help Alberta’s oil and gas workers and industry to succeed by repealing the anti-pipeline Bill C-69, ending the West Coast tanker ban, and asserting Federal jurisdiction, so that pipelines get built. A life that Canadians can afford will be possible once more.

It’s time for this Liberal Government to go. And when Canadians send them packing, they can keep their flip-flops.